Top 5 Trending Safety Flooring Supplies in 2019

Whether you are preparing for a new upcoming project or getting ready for a renovation, purchasing the right floor safety supplies are crucial in preventing property damage and reducing injury risk. Each of the following products have been selected as key items that provide high returns on investment and are versatile to use on just about any project. From our heavy duty floorshell to our new rolled goods manipulator, you are sure to find a great fit for you.


1) Trimaco Heavy-Duty Floorshell

Did you know that 90% of construction projects need temporary floor protection? Floorshell, also referred to as Ram Board,  is crucial in protecting floors from unwanted marks, scratches, dents or paint! 45mil thickness that is forklift strong and protects all types of flooring including wood, concrete, stone, tile, linoleum, epoxy, vinyl, composition tile and others. 4x thicker than red rosin paper while featuring a spill block liquid resistant technology for added protection. Interested in having your logo printed? Contact us today to learn how you can have your logo printed for free!

Trimaco Floorshell Heavy-Duty Surface Protector Ram board

2) Trimaco EZ Floor Guards

Modern, economic alternative to traditional shoe covers. Easier to apply than traditional shoe covers and fits any size shoe. Shoe covering works by easily placing a sheet of adhesive plastic film on the bottom of your shoe to avoid tracking dirt and debris. Layers can be re-applied when re-entering the work area.

Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards


3) Rolled Goods Manipulator

Revolutionary, patent-pending forklift attachment designed to easily handle heavy rolled materials. Allows heavy rolls like sheet vinyl to be easily picked up, moved and placed in an upright position for storage with ease. Improves warehouse safety significantly as it allows items to be independently and safely moved. Perfect solution for any flooring warehouse. Interested to see how it works? Click below for more product information and videos.

Rolled Goods Manipulator Forklift Attachment



4) Nilfisk Vacuum

High performance canister vacuum cleaner designed for rough environments. Tremendous suction power and durable construction makes this vacuum a reliable choice for demanding applications such as mold or asbestos remediation. Featuring  a superior filtration system that includes a standard HEPA filter to ensure a safe work environment.Nilfisk GD930 HEPA Vacuum



5) Trimaco Heavy Duty E-Z Up Dust Containment Pole

The Trimaco Heavy Duty E-Z Up Dust Containment Pole works with plastic sheeting to create a dust barrier. Heavy-duty aluminum construction available in 3 heights of 12ft, 16ft and 20ft. E-Z Up Poles will keep debris and dust contained to the work area, reducing clean up necessary and keep the customer happy. No loose parts that break or go missing with extra durability and easy set up.



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