Cathy Uresti

Cathy Uresti

Regional Sales Manager

Cathy Uresti is the Regional Sales Manager for Anchor Floor & Supply Co. She oversees the State of Florida and serves as liaison to Vidir Corp., manufacturer of the bed lift systems. Cathy is a veteran of the United States Navy, stationed in Guantanamo Cuba during the Vietnam era. After her service, she went into nursing where she had a successful 20-year career. Things changed 4 years ago when Cathy relocated to Florida to help care for a family member. From there she was hired by Anchor Floor & Supply where she developed skills required to the run a warehouse – procedures, policies, shipping, receiving and inventory. Without a doubt it was her dedication and hard work that got Anchor Floor and Supply off to a great start. It was her desire to excel that got Cathy to where she is now, a valuable resource to the company.


Phone: 407-580-8316