Rolled Goods Manipulator – Combo (RGM)

  • Heavy duty forklift attachment for heavy, rolled materials
  • New “combo” version carries double the weight capacity, at 1800 lbs.
  • Can be attached to any forklift
  • Easily moves, picks up, and places rolled materials like sheet vinyl in an upright position for easy storage
  • Improves warehouse safety and allows materials to be safely moved independently, limiting injury risk and claims
  • Stores easily, 11’3” long and under 200lbs
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What is it?

New combo version of the Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM) is now available! The combo raises the bar for being able to handle and lift heavy rolled materials such as carpet, sheet vinyl, or rubber. Carrying products up to nearly 2000 lbs! RGM eliminates the need to manually store rolled goods, a great use for the flooring industry. This forklift attachment can be attached to any forklift and will dramatically improve your warehouse speed of operations.


Solution to common problems

New technology to upgrade your carpet poles! Save valuable time and money with only one employee needed to safely operate. Eliminating potential safety hazards when manually lifting or carrying heavy rolled items. The Rolled Goods Manipulator is a safe and easy way to transport all of your rolled goods safely and timely.


How it works

The RGM can be attached to any forklift! The Rolled Goods Manipulator can simply slide over the forklift forks. Adjust the locking pin when you want to alternate horizontal to vertical positions.



Product Length Weight Weight Capacity Rolled Length Max Roof Clearance 
RGM 750 8’6″ <150 lbs. 750 lbs 6.6′ 14′ 8″
RGM 900 8′ 6″ <150 lbs. 900 lbs 6.6′ 14′ 8″
RGM Combo 11’3″ <200 lbs. 1800 lbs 12 16′ 3″



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