Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM)

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  • Forklift attachment for easily moving heavy rolled materials.
  • Allows flooring rolls like sheet vinyl or carpet to be picked up, moved, and placed in an upright position for storage with ease.
  • Utilizes an elongated rod to firmly secure rolled materials while transporting
  • Improves warehouse safety and ensures rolled items can be independently and safely moved
  • Limits injury risk while improving employee productivity
  • Stores easily, 8’6” long and under 150lbs (3 sizes available!)
  • Lowest price guaranteed!
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Available Styles

Product Length Weight Width Pole Feed Weight Capacity Rolled Length Max Roof Clearance 
RGM  900 8′ 6″ <150 lbs. 6″ 5’2″ 900 lbs. 6.6′ 14′ 8″
RGM Combo 11’3″ <200 lbs. 18″ 8′ 1800 lbs. 12′ 16′ 3″


What is it?

The Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM) is a forklift attachment for lifting heavy rolled materials like sheet vinyl and carpet. New invention to replace your traditional carpet poles! The RGM can lift flooring products from a horizontal to a vertical position and vice-versa. Can work with any heavy rolled goods! With a 900 and 1,800lb capacity, this device eliminates the risk of injury to an employee who would otherwise lift the material up by hand. It’s also much more efficient than standard carpet or vinyl poles.


Solution to common problems

Storing and transporting heavy rolled items such as a commercial sheet vinyl can be very difficult due to weight and size. The rolled item is usually moved around the warehouse manually with dollies or by a carpet pole which can only move the item while in a horizontal position. Both methods require manual lifting which raises safety issues with employees. This process is not efficient or a cost effective way to move such items. ​With the RGM, you can save time and money with only one employee needed!


Ideal Applications

  • Sheet vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Paper rolls
  • Turf rolls
  • Sports floor
  • Any rolled goods


How it works

The RGM includes a mounting sleeve configured to slide over the forklift forks. An elongated rod extends parallel from the mounting sleeve and can be positioned adjacent to the forks. A locking pin is used to hold the rod in position while securing the materials. The forks can be raised to lift the roll and transport it to a desired location. Horizontal to vertical, and back!


Warranty – 12 months, 100% replacement freight included due to product failure and not from exceeding limitations.


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Additional information

Weight 90 lbs

4 reviews for Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM)

  1. Brad Martin

    Item works fantastic. No more lifting! I recommend this to all flooring companies that have to load, unload or move rolled sheet vinyl around.

  2. Absolute Floor Covering

    Great tool for our warehouse. Employees safe from injuries at a small cost. Easy to use. Light weight and can lift heavy rolls with ease. Vertical lifting was always an issue. Not now!


    Makes life a million times easier in all areas….safe and easy to use, injury prevention and not to mention it enables your production to triple in the amount of time it would take to manually offload, stand up and store material. I purchased 5 of these for our company and HIGHLY recommend!!!! You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Jeremy Harris

    I recommend the RGM to anyone that handles sheet vinyl. We bought one and use it all the time. It will save your back.

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