Vidir 4-Bed “Heavy Duty” X-Series Bedlift

  • Front load storage system
  • 4-900 lbs. bed capacity limit
  • Storage: 12′ 3″ x 4′ 9″ – 10′ Bed: 32″ x 44.5″ x 95″
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Vidir’s Bedlift is a cost effective hospital bed storage system designed to store hospital beds off of the floor and stack them securely in a vertical arrangement, which not only saves valuable floor space but removes potential fire hazards from hospital corridor. The X Series (Extra Capacity) is designed to accept the remaining 10-20% of beds with a larger vertical pitch of 33” and capacity of 900 lbs. per position.

The unit loads from the front. This hospital bed storage rack will increase the hospitals maintenance departments’ capacity, organization, and product flow reducing down time, which increases the number of beds available for patient use at any given moment. Additionally, by removing unused ‘hallway beds’ from the corridors, hospitals will meet JCAHO standards for the storage of hospital beds and not risk further fines or worst case, the loss of accreditation. The bed stacking concept is based on LIFO picking, the first bed is positioned onto the lift and raised opening up space underneath the bed for the next unit. The entire operation can easily be accomplished by a single individual simply by pushing a button.

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Carrier Width

Carrier Depth

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ST233-45X 7′ 3″ 4′ 6″ 9′ 2″ 44.5″ 95″ 33″ 900 lbs. 2
ST333-45X 9′ 6″ 4′ 6″ 10′ 0″ 44.5″ 95″ 33″ 900 lbs. 3
ST433-45X 12′ 3″ 4′ 6″ 10′ 0″ 44.5″ 95″ 33″ 900 lbs. 4


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