Prime 1,000 Lumen LED Worklight

  • Ultra-Bright – 1,000 lumens electric with adjustable stand and 6 ft 18 gauge 3 prong wire
  • Durable – LEDs never need replacing, typically lasting about 25x longer than traditional incandescent lights with greatly reduced energy use.
  • SMD Chips – 1,000 lumen work lights are made with economical and highly versatile surface-mounted LEDs
  • Slim-Line Design – Built-in handle that effortlessly folds up for quick storage and maximum portability
  • Cool touch – More light with less heat
  • Long Cord – Standard 6 ft 18 gauge, 3 prong cord included with all models
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Item number Description
LEDS01 1000 Lumen LED w/ adjustable stand and 6ft 18/3 power cord
LEDR201 1000 Lumen rechargeable LED w/ adjustable stand 6ft 18/3 power cord


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