Roberts GT2000 XL Knee Kicker

  • Scientifically engineered bumper pad significantly reduces knee shock
  • Wider head than standard kickers provides 33% more gripping power
  • Trigger easily adjusts the length from 18-1/2″ to 22-1/2″
  • Thick walled, aluminum die cast body for maximum strength
  • Additional row of pins and nap strip offer more gripping surface
  • Large channel stops reduce wear and maintain precise opening range
  • High contour neck fits over stretcher
  • Center grooved head for adjusting power stretcher head
  • Smooth, precise dial adjustments
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The GT2000 XL was designed from a clean slate to meet the demands for a higher performance knee kicker. New progressive density foam rubber bumper reduces knee shock, which also contains rubber compounds designed to reduce wear and splitting. Wide head delivers 33% more gripping power to the carpet. Big channel stops maintain precise settings, and the “short throw” trigger makes adjustment easier.

Replacement Bumpers:
10-2000-09 – 3″ Thick Bumper Pad
10-412-09 – 2″ Thick Bumper Pad


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