Roberts Longneck Plus 6″ Jamb Saw

  • Convenient 1-1/2″ vacuum port for optimal dust containment.
  • Extended “tail” for maximum leverage against torque.
  • Powerful, 1100 watt industrial grade power unit (120 V).
  • Patented design enables saw to cut full inside corners in molding up to 1/2″ thick.
  • Adjustable cutting depth guide prevents cutting into plaster or wall board when trimming base boards.
  • Easy access trigger for better control.
  • Precision height adjustment from “flush” to 1-1/16″.
  • Doors as thick as 1-3/4″ can be undercut without removal.
  • Includes (1) 36-Tooth Carbide Tip Blade (6-3/16″), (1) Masonry Blade, and (1) Custom Molded Carrying Case.
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The Longneck Plus 6″ Jamb Saw is powered by a 7500 RPM, 1100-watt industrial grade motor and easily cuts door jambs, trim and molding for installation of new floors. Also cuts through brick and cement block. The 10-56 has a unique 1-1/2″ vacuum port for dust containment plus an extended rotating tail for maximum comfort and extra stability.

Accessories Included:
Custom Molded Carrying Case
36-Tooth Carbide Tip Jamb Saw Blade (10-47-2)
Masonry Blade (10-55-24)

Additional Accessories Available (Sold Separately):
10-47-6 – 20-Tooth Jamb Saw Blade


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