USG Durock Advance Skim Coat

  • Installation of floor coverings in as little as 15 minutes
  • Innovative formulation offers significant yield advantage vs competitive products
  • No priming necessary over most surfaces
  • Featheredge to 1/2 in(12.7 mm) thick in large areas
  • Easy mixing and smooth finish over various substrates
  • 10 year warranty



Durock Brand Advanced Skim Coat Floor Patch s a versatile calcium aluminate floor patch and skim coat for interior use over wood, concrete and gypsum subfloors and over most interior floors, including ceramic and quarry tile, terrazzo, wood, metal and interior concrete, as well as properly prepared residues of cutback and other non-water-soluble adhesives on concrete and epoxy coatings. Mix USG Durock Advanced Skim Coat floor patch with water and apply with a trowel—no need for priming or a latex additive for most applications.

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