Roberts 2001 Felt-Back Sheet Vinyl Adhesive

  • Developed specifically for felt-backed sheet vinyl
  • Non-staining formulation
  • Optimal positioning time
  • Enviro-Friendly – solvent-free and LEED compliant; VOC < 1 g/L, SCAQMD Rule 1168
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified – GLP #36471
  • GoldGuard antimicrobial product protection
  • Traffic – Residential / Moderate commercial
  • Open time – Up to 25 min, Working time – Up to 45 min


Roberts 2001 is a superior, commercial-grade, felt-backed sheet vinyl adhesive. This adhesive was developed with the optimum open time and working time for the positioning of felt-backed sheet vinyl flooring, plus provides a lifetime non-staining warranty.

Item number Unit size
2310-4 4 Gallon
2310-1 1 Gallon


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