Roberts 1409 Wood Flooring Adhesive

  • Permanent, tenacious bond with high elongation properties
  • Cured adhesive is unaffected by moisture
  • Excellent green grab, low VOC
  • Suitable for rubber flooring installations
  • Ideal for wood planks wider than 5”
  • Open Time – Up to 80 min, Working Time – Up to 120 min, Cure Time – 8/10 hrs


Roberts 1409 is a single component, moisture-cure urethane adhesive formulated to bond engineered wood, solid wood, teak and bamboo flooring. 1409 has excellent upfront green grab and develops a permanent bond and remains flexible to withstand expansion and contraction of the flooring without stressing the adhesive. Once adhesives is cured, it is unaffected by moisture.


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