Haro Parquet Installation Styles


A few different parquet pattern installation styles with our line of premium Haro engineered wood. Haro’s multilayer parquet combines decades of experience and innovation. When it comes to installing parquet floors, there are endless design options to choose from. From traditional styles to modern living spaces, there are plenty of designs available to compliment your home.





Strip parquet English bond Bond Pattern or English pattern

A regular, traditional bond pattern. Offset installation style with strips installed parallel to each other, offset by a half strip.

Aligned strips of parquet to create a harmonious effect.


Design tip: Parquet floors create a feeling of calmness in rooms with lots of furniture. Can also be installed diagonally.

Strip parquet parallel bond Parallel Bond Pattern

Perfectly parallel parquet strips installed at even lengths.

Design tip: This style creates a modern effect.
Strip parquet wild bond Wild Bond Pattern

Offset bond pattern. Consisting of strips that are installed parallel, while the ends are offset.

Creates a lively environment.
Strip parquet Old German bond Old German Bond Pattern

Strips that are installed parallel with each other, complemented with short strips that are rotated 90 degrees.


Old German bond pattern is similar to the original bond pattern, but a little bit more livelier.
Strip parquet herringbone Herringbone Pattern

Very popular pattern that has been around for a long time. The parquet strips are used to create “V” shapes.

Creates a very spatial effect.

Design tip: Ability to choose single or double herringbone for a bolder look

Strip parquet ladder floors Ladder Floor or Ladder pattern

Series of strips that are installed parallel, with accenting strips placed on each side vertically.

Creates a spacious environment.

Design tip: Solid design that does not overly distract from interior furniture.

Strip parquet square pattern Square Pattern or cube/tile pattern

Group of parquet strips that are combined to form square formations. Can also be paired with different wood species.

Design tip: Creates a striking pattern and a balanced appearance. Can be complimented with an area rug.


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