Owens Unfinished Plankfloor

  • Provides a significant reduction in seasonal gaps and cupping often associated with ¾” solid flooring.
  • Can be installed anywhere in your home, even over concrete.
  • Has a wear surface that’s four times greater than a traditional engineered wood product.
  • Has the visual appeal that is indistinguishable from solid 3/4” flooring, as the lumber is cut from the tree in the same method as is utilized in solid plank and strip surface.
  • Can be sanded, comparable to that of ¾” solid flooring.
  • Contains longer average lengths up to 8′ long.
  • Is available in widths up to 8 inches for a true wide Plankfloor appearance.
  • Lifetime structural warranty
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Owens Flooring

Manufactured in the heart of the Midwest, Plankfloor withstands the test of time, but also has the installation versatility and stability of a highly engineered product.

Available in widths of 2-1/4″, 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ in 5/8″ thickness. 7″ and 8″ may be available. Custom 3/4″ thickness may also be available.

White Oak

Northern Red Oak

Northern Hard Maple  and American Black Walnut

Additional Styles



  • All products are TSCA Title VI compliant to protect the air quality of homes
  • All species are Lacy Act Compliant to help protect against deforestation and illegal logging practices
  • Flooring can contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification points
    • MR 7: Certified Sustainability Harvested Wood
    • EQ 4.4: Low Emitting Materials




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