Clean Work Booth

  • Aluminum frame and floor
  • Fiber glass 6′ attached ladder
  • Integrated interior power plug
  • HEPA vacuum cleaner 99.7% at .3 microns
  • Locking swivel wheels
  • Roam cell ring seals against ceiling
  • Locking door handles: prevents entering while not in use




The Clean Work Booth is perfect for above ceiling work. It’s expandable sleeve fits tightly to smooth ceiling surfaces to contain dust and contaminants. The availability of a HEPA filtered vacuum inside the booth allows ongoing cleaning of dust and debris liberated during ceiling work.

  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Minimum Height: 6’8″
  • Maximum Height: 10′
  • Length: 5’2″
  • Width: 2’9″



“I am Lonnie Foster, a construction Manager here at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. I wanted to share with you all, the website for the mobile containment booth that we use to stay compliant with infection Control guidelines. Our Mechanical Contractor came up with this version of a clean booth, coupled with our input as well as input from our Infection Control Department. We find this to be a very useful tool to accomplish the work effort expediently as well as providing the subsequent cost savings.”

Lonnie R. Foster

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville


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